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The Liverpool Commonwealth Association is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of businesses (public, private and charities), individuals, and groups from a Commonwealth background within the Liverpool City Region, by acting as a connectivity platform to boost the region’s economy.

We advocate for those who share the values of the Commonwealth Charter by creating opportunities for development and collaboration toward building a sustainable future. Liverpool and the City Region have a diverse population, where 60 languages are thought to be spoken by its residents who have ethnic backgrounds from over 100 countries.

Our Aim

The main aims of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association are:

  1. To contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Commonwealth by promoting mutual collaboration among Liverpool City Region’s and the North West of England’s Commonwealth Diaspora communities, and working in partnership with Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies in order to empower the values of the Commonwealth Charter;
  2. To develop and strengthen links between Liverpool City Region’s and the North West of England’s Commonwealth Diaspora communities in order to encourage and enhance international trade, and cultural and educational exchanges and best practices to gain the understanding and skills necessary to contribute to the development of sustainable communities.
  3. To advance education of the public in general and to promote within the entire United Kingdom and overseas the increase and spread of knowledge respecting the peoples and countries of the Commonwealth, in such ways as the Association’s Trustees think fit.
  4. To facilitate and coordinate engagement between the Association’s members and partners to support enterprise and business development.
  5. To cooperate and collaborate with other national and regional Commonwealth groups to bring about interchange in areas of mutual interest, towards achieving the Association’s aims and objectives.
  6. To develop funding strategies and development plans for sustainability and project progression for the benefit of the Association.


To create a sustainable regional Commonwealth community that is mutually respectful, resilient, peaceful, prosperous, and a community that cherishes equality, diversity, and shared values.


Proactively support our members, and partner with other Commonwealth families and others to improve the well-being of our communities and advance our shared interests.
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