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Being a charitable, not-for-profit organisation, our Trustees oversee the management and administration of the Association. They play a very important role in making sure that the charity is run well and in the interests of the people it is there to support. The role is unpaid.

Our Trustees work collectively as a ‘board’. Together, they have legal responsibility for the charity and as such, they must ensure that the association complies with the law.

Currently, we have seven Trustees on the board:

  1. Garth Dallas (Chair)
  2. Vanessa Boateng (General Secretary)
  3. Dr Tim Nichol
  4. Mumin Khan
  5. Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi
  6. Shazney Spence
  7. Chris Lewis

What do our trustees do?

Our Trustees ensure the Association has a clear strategy, and that its work and goals are in line with its vision. They are the ‘guardians of purpose’, making sure that all decisions put the needs of the beneficiaries first. They safeguard the Association’s assets – both physical assets, including property, and intangible ones, such as its reputation – ensuring that they are used well and that the charity is run sustainably.

Trustees don’t usually do the day-to-day running of the charity – they delegate this to the staff, normally led by the Chief Executive. Instead, they play the role of ‘critical friend’ to the Chief Executive by giving support and by challenging – in a supportive way – to help them manage effectively. However, in smaller charities with limited staff, like the Liverpool Commonwealth Association, our Trustees usually take hands-on roles too.

Our Trustee board meets four to eight times a year. Our board has subcommittees that focus on particular areas of work or projects. Our Trustees are often expected to get involved with one or more sub-committees, as well as have a good understanding of the Association’s work overall.
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