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The Liverpool Commonwealth Association is the fastest growing organisation of it's kind outside of London.

Individual Membership is available to any person born in a Commonwealth country, who subscribes to the objects of the Company, with the ability to affect the governance of the Company by voting at the Company’s Annual General Meeting, and who meets all other criteria for a  Member as set out in the Company’s governing document.

Fee: £15

Organisation Membership is available to any corporate or unincorporated organisation that has objectives that are in accord with those of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association and subscribe to our objects. A nominated representative will hold a right to vote at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on behalf of the Organisation Member.

Fee: 1-5 (£75), 6-50 (£150), 50-100 (£225), over 100 (£350)

Membership is for a 12-month period commencing when cleared membership fee is paid into our bank account supported by a completed membership form.

Email us today to join our growing community
0151 701 0100