Garth Dallas LLM, FRSA

Garth Dallas was elected to the position of Chairperson in January 2019, having previously served as Treasurer and General Secretary. He has overall responsibility for leading the Association’s strategy and delivering on its aim of being the most successful organisation of its kind in the UK. In addition he has specific responsibility for Legal, Compliance and Governance.
Garth is highly experienced in international trade law and practice as well as being recognised as a high profile and respected voice on Workplace Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility and Effective Community Engagement.
Garth also has wide experience of working on several Liverpool Boards and Committees, including Liverpool Commonwealth Games 2022 Bid Board, Liverpool Special Olympics Games 2021 Bid Board and Netball World Cup 2019 (Liverpool) Legacy Board. Additionally, in his role as a long-standing member of Liverpool City Council’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Select Committee, Garth maintain strong connections and provides exemplary support to the development of Liverpool’s strategic policy across various portfolios, particularly in relation to diversity, social inclusion and community engagement best practices.
Since 2015, Garth has served as an Ambassador for Liverpool Central Libraries, with responsibility for promoting this famous library nationally and internationally.
He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).