Business Forum

The Business Forum operates under the umbrella of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association.  Collectively, the members of the Business Forum have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge spanning many disciplines and sectors.

Our aim is to remain available to every entrepreneur, business, government, minister and industry to encourage trade and inward investment. The Business Forum does this by connecting with business people who have aspirations to explore business opportunities in Commonwealth countries.

The Business Forum also serves as a platform for Commonwealth nations to showcase investment opportunities to the global business community. The Forum provides an opportunity to influence the debate on global trade and investment issues.

Our Objectives revolve around meeting business people, entrepreneurs and industry bodies seeking to forge links with business leaders in all 53 Member countries of the Commonwealth.

The Business Forum works closely with partners such as the Chambers of Commerce, Exporters Network and UK Trade & Investment who openly seek to impart an advantage to all those entrepreneurs who aspire to build business in the markets that make up the community of Commonwealth nations.

Our resources are available to anyone who wishes to help us build a more prosperous Commonwealth. The Business Forum will focus upon the issues and areas that are relevant to business development, all within a framework of shared values, respect for human rights and a firm belief in the overarching principles of common law.

The Management Committee:

Members: John Mohin (Chair) | Ngunan Adamu | Chris Lewis | Dr. Shiv Pande | Terser Adamu


John Mohin (Chair)

Dr. Shiv Pande

Terser Adamu

Ngunan Adamu

Chris Lewis